A Song of the Mines

Cat. #1444 (MFH #975) - As sung by Otis Williams, Wesley, Arkansas on

Th ground boss wound his ole brass watch
An' muster quarter n' time
Th cooker set upon th stope
Where lead an' jack did shine
Th coke, he filled his tub with dirt
It tender gracefully
Though he dipped it from th bottom
From water to his knees

He, twist th tub around th curve
And brought it down th hill
When lo, there hang in th shaft
An' empty tub t' fill
He grabbed th bail with might an' main
An' pulled it to one side
An' hooked th full tub on a rope
An' hollered, let 'er slide

An' back he came, around a curve
A hump was on his back
He tend a hundred tubs, that day
An' shoved them down th track
He stopps an' gazed around a driff
His head fell on his breast
He had two hours, yet to spade
Before th time to rest

He watched th cutter, smoke his pipe
Upon a nice dry slope
Waiting for th whistle
So he could take a rope
He sneaked his hose at one end
Th drift was fulll of dirt
He drew his pay for loafing
While th cokey did th work

But on some Manday morning
Down in that rocky mine
They'll be looking for a cokey
An' no cokey can they find
He'll be down to th Palace
With no rocks or shots to fear
With arms on th mahogany
Drinkin' Budweiser beer