Stairway to Heaven

Cat. #1456 (MFH #980) - As sung by Henry Jr. and Fannie Crawford, Preston, Missouri on August 28, 1972

As you dream of a stairway to heaven
A home just beyond th blue
A stairway that goes to God's heaenly home
A stairway is waiting for you

There's a stairway, a stairway to Heaven
That leads to a home, bright an' fair
If I step an' I climb, till His hand touches mine
Then I'll rest at th top of th stairs

There's a stairway that leads up to Heaven
That other's before us have trod
They've gone to a place that Jesus prepared
At th foot of th throne above

There's a place at th top of th stairway
Where we'll rest when we're all safely there
An' friends that believe someday we we'll meet
In our home, at th top of th stairs