The Lightning Express

Cat. #0147 (MFH #355) - As sung by Mrs. Doug "Ina" Harvey, Rolla, Missouri on June 30, 1958

Th lightning express from a depot North Grand
Had just gotten on its way
Most of th passengers who were on board
Seemed to be happy and gay
A little boy set in seat by himself
T'was reading a letter he had
T'was plain to be seen by th tears in his eyes
Th contents of it made him sad
Th stern old conductor started to take
Th tickets of everyone there
Till finnally reaching th side of the boy
He abruptly demanded his fare
I haven't a ticket th boy then replied
But I'll pay you back some day
I must put you off at th next station then
But not when he heard th boy say
Please, Mr Conductor, don't put me off th train
Th best friend I have in th world, sir
He is waiting for me this day
She's expected to die any momment
And may not live thru th day
And I want to kiss mother good-bye, sir
Before God takes her away