The Exodus

Cat. #1472 (MFH #987) - As sung by Bill Ping, Santa Rosa, California on September 20, 1972

I'm goin' from th cotton field
I'm goin' from th cane
I'm goin' t' leave th little log house
That stands down in th lane
Th boats are on th river
Their goin' t' take me on
I'm goin' t' join th exodus
That's makin' for th north

They tell me out in Kansas
So many miles away
Th colored folks are flockin' there
Cause their gettin better pay
I don't know how they found it out
But still I'm bound t' try
So, when th sun goes down tonight
I'm goin' to say goodbye

There's Dinah, she don't want me t' go
Says, their gettin' ole
Says, she'd 'fraid we'll freeze to death
Th country am so cold
This talk about your work an' pay
She don't believe any of it's true
But she don't want to do th things
That I am bound to do

I sold my little log cabin
My little patch of ground
Th kind ole Mossa gave me
When th Yankee troops came down
Now my hair is turning gray
An' th tears are in my eyes
For when th sun goes down tonight
I'se gwine t' say goodbye

I'm going from th cotton fields
I know it makes me cry
But when th sun goes down tonight
I'se gwine t' say goodbye