Country Town

Cat. #1488 (MFH #992) - As sung by Bill Baker, Saint Paul, Arkansas on October 27, 1973

O, th days is sad an' th night are long
An' th whole wide world is goin' wrong
All because I'm far away from home
I bow my head an' I close my eyes
It's them I stop to realize
What a fool I was to ever roam
There's a long, long trail a winding
To th land that's fair an' bright
That's th trail I'm always finding
When I go to sleep at night

I dream of climbing up th hill
Where I used to hear those whippoorwill
In th goold ole country town where I wa born
When you get off at th station
You can see those happy smiles
You can tell th whole creation
I'd walked a thousand mile
Just t' be back where th skies are blue
Know my friends are always true
In th good ole country town where I was born

It's a place where th clothes don't make th man
They mean it when they shake your hand
Stranger won't be turned from any door
It's a land of milk an' honey
Where th folks are on th square
They don't make a barrel of money
But you're always welcome there
I know I'm just a small town guy
For I'm going back to live an' die
In th good ole country town where I was born