Little Red School House

Cat. #1489 (MFH #993) - As sung by Bill Baker, Saint Paul, Arkansas on October 27, 1973

Sometimes I think I was a little fool
Back in those days, when I used to go t' school
When I was a kid, gee, how I hated
That little place where I was educated
Tho' we didn't know that we were lucky then
I wish that I was back again

In th little red school house
With my book an' slate
In th little red school house
I was always late
Lont t' be back there where I was a scholar
Back in th days of yours
How I stand right up there an' holler
Two an' two is three
When we should a been learnin'
'Bout th golden rule
Little hearts were yearning
For th swimmin' pool
I was so bad, I acted like a clown
I got a good lickin' an' I couldn't set down
O gee, want'a be in th little red schoool house

Gee boys, when Mother said that there's a ---
She says, hurry or you will be late
We'd start down th road, shirt tail flaging
Guess you remember we were always bragging
Said, when I get there'll be no school for me
Now, that's where I long to be