Wild and Reckless Hobo

Cat. #1491 (MFH #995) - As sung by Bill Baker, Saint Paul, Arkansas on October 27, 1973

I'm a wild an' reckless hobo
Why I left my happy home
I started out on a western trip
All by myself, alone
I said -- -- -- while on this trip
I'll surely see some fun
Ten thousand miles, away from home
An' I am on th run

Standing on th platform
While smoking cheap cigars
A waiting for an ole freight train
T' catch an empty car
My pocketbook was empty
My heart was filled with pain
Ten thousand miles 'way from home
Bumming an ole freight train

Feeling tired an' hungry
Not having a bite to eat
I laid down t' take a nap
T' rest my weary feet
I got up an' looked all around
Boy, you bet I'se feeling bad
I walked over to th hotel
This is what I said

Kind Miss, O kind Miss
Won't you give me a bite to eat
A little piece of cornbread
An' a little piece of meat
She put her arms around my neck
I'll love you as a friend
I'm afraid if I feed you this time
You'd be on th bum again

Kind Miss, O kind Miss
What makes you talk so rough
You need not think that I'm a hobo
Because I look so tough
She took me in th kitchen
She treated me nice an' kind
She had me in th notion boys,
T' bumming all th time

I walked out'a th hotel
Went strolling over town
Jest then I heard a double header blowin'
I thought she's western bound
I pulled my cap down over my eyes
Went walking down th track
I caught th race of an ole freight train
Never did look back

I got off in Denver
Got struck on a Denver Girl
You bet your life -- -- --
More that Denver girl
She wore th hat on th back 'er head
Like th Denver girls all do
An' if that freight train passes thru
I'll that gal to

I'm going, says th hobo
T' th land that's fair an' bright
I'm going where th hobo's
Can sleep out doors at night
Where th handouts grow on bushes
An' th people don't wear no socks
An' th whiskey comes a flowin'
Thru th crevices in th rocks