Naomia Wise

Cat. #1494 (MFH #996) - As sung by Bill Baker, Saint Paul, Arkansas on October 27, 1973

Come all you young people
A story I will tell
About a maid they call Naomia Wise
He face was fair an' hansome
She was loved by everyone
In Randoplh County now her body lies

They say, she had a lover
Young Lewis, was his name
Each evening he would have her by his side
They came to an ole deep river
An' so th story goes
You have met your fatal doom, th villian cries

Naomia begged him, spare her
Th villian only laughed
He said that, he was heartless to th core
And in th stream he threw her
Below th ole mill dam
An' sweet Naomia smile was seen no more