Kitty Wells

Cat. #0015 (MFH #338) - As sung by Mr. Frank Pool, Fayetteville, Arkansas on January 6, 1958

Well, you ask, what makes this darky weep
Why he, like others am not gay
What makes th tears flow down his cheeks
From early morn till close of day

When th birds, they were singing in the morning
And th myrtles and the ivy's were in bloom
And th sun o'er the hillside was a dawning
It was then that I laid her in th tomb

My story, darkies, you shall hear
For in my memory fresh it dwells
It'll cause you all to shed a tear
On th grave of my sweet Kitty Wells

Well, I sometimes wished that I were dead
And laid beside her in the tomb
For th sorrows that bows down my head
Is silent in th midnight gloom

Well, th springtime has no charms for me
Tho' flowers are blooming in th dell
For that bright form I do not see
It is th form of my sweet Kitty Wells