Cat. #1513 (MFH #1004) - As sung by Donnie Koonce, Springfield, Missouri on March 13, 1975

I was pushin' a rig out'a Texas
All loaded an' bound for Cheyene
Takin' my pleasures so freely
Just a sweet lovin' ramblin' man
I always had a way with th ladies
Sweet Daddy, was my middle name
I got to a place they called Denver
An' I ain't never been quite th same

I've been to Saint Louis an' Abilene
I've rambled thru many a town
Got me a woman in Denver
Well, that's where I'm settlin' down

Well, I kissed her an' swore that I loved her
I told 'er some day she'd be mine
I laughed all th way back t' Texas
To think she'd believe that ole line
But I got t' pining for Denver
It's funny how things come t' be
When I slipped that ring on her finger
Well, I knew that th laugh's on me

Well, all you young fellas take warning
You single men, run for your life
Be careful an' stay out'a Denver
For you'll wind up married for life
You'll walk down th street unsuspectin'
An' you won't believe what you see
Th prettiest girls live in Denver
You'll wind up happy, like me

*Donnie Koonce has taken some liberties with the words and the tune. Denver was written by Randy Sparks (founder of The New Christy Minstrels) in 1960 and is used here by permission of Cherrybell Music, ASCAP.