Uncle Noah's Ark

Cat. #1518 (MFH #1007) - As sung by Donnie Koonce, Springfield, Missouri on March 13, 1975

Well, a long, long time ago
As you ole folks should know
Uncle Noah built himself an Ark
For forty days an' nights
Th rain it was a sight
Animals nearly tore th Ark apart

Well, th duck went quack, th cow went moo
Th roosters, cocky-doodle-doo
The ole tom cat, he raised an awful rowe
Th piggies sqealed, th billy goat blahed
Th bullfrog said, biggest run we ever had
Uncle Noah's Arks th mad house now
O, th horses an' th cattle, fowls of th air
Even th long eared donkey was there
Quack, quack, moo, moo
Hee-haw, cock-a-doodle-doo
All was there in Uncle Noah's Ark

Well, at last th sun did shine
Thru th windows bright an' fine
Uncle Noah thouht it was time t' land
Well, he couldn't get open th door
All th animals got sore
Th ole lion let out a roar t' beat-th-band