Deepening Snow

Cat. #1520 (MFH #1008) - As sung by Donnie Koonce, Springfield, Missouri on March 13, 1975

Well, it's snowing out there in th glooming
I been settin' an' watching all night
Th kids will be glad when they waken
An' see th ground all covered with white
But th snow makes me think of my darlin'
How she hated th cold an' th snow
For she lies in a grave back in Knoxville
With a headstone that's jest one year old

Won't you please make th winter go quick, Lord
So th flowers around her can grow
For I can't stand th thoughts of my darlin'
Lying there in th deepening snow

Little Nancy climbs up on my knee now
Asking, Daddy, just what causes snow
And I tell of th wonderful Father
Who cares for us all here below
Then I hold her real close an' I kiss her
An' she kissing back doesn't know
That my kisses are meant for her Mother
Lying there in th deepening snow