Eastbound Train

Cat. #1531 (MFH #804) - As sung by Floyd Clouse, Summersville, Missouri on March 22, 1975

The Eastbound train was crowded
One cold December day
Conductor shouting tickets
In an old time fashion way
A little girl in saddness
An' 'er hair as bright as gold
She says, I have no ticket
An' this story then she told

My Father, he's in prison
He's lost his sight, they say
I'm going for his pardon
This cold December day
My Mother's daily going
To try to earn our bread
My dear ole kind, blind Father
In prison almost dead

My Brother's an' my sisters
Would be so vey glad
If I could only bring back
My dear ole kind, blind Dad
Conductor could not answer
An' he could not make reply
A taking his big an' wiping
A tear fell from his eye
He said, God bless, you litle one
Jest set right where you are
I'll never need a ticket
As long as you're on this car