Little Home in Tennessee

Cat. #1543 (MFH #1019) - As sung by Melvin Rogers, Ava, Missouri on April 5, 1975

Every night I'm dreaming
Of a little home
Down among th hills of Tennessee
An' I'm alway lonely
Longing to return
To th place that means th world to me
Just a little shack
Roof all turnin' black
Still it is a palace fair, to me
Song birds always singing
Round th kitchen door
In that little home in Tennessee

I can see my Mother
Standing by th gate
As she drove th ole horse up th lane
She would never scold me
When I got home late
O, I wish I'd never caused 'er pain
With a tender smile
Beaming all th while
No one could by half as kind as she
Now, she's gone to Heaven
Never to return
To that little home in Tennessee