Black Sheep

Cat. #1544 (MFH #52) - As sung by Melvin Rogers, Ava, Missouri on April 5, 1975

In a quite village not so very far away
There lived a rich an' aged man
Whose hair were few an' gray
He had three sons, but only one
Both Jack an' Tom, were sly
While Ted was honest, as could be
An' would not tell a lie
The others tried to ruin Ted
Within the ole man's eye
An' soon th poison begin to work
Then Ted was much despised
One night, the old man said, begone
You're hardly worth your care
These were the words, th black sheep said
As he stood by th door

Don't be angry with me, Dad
Don't turn me from your door
I know that I was wayward
But I won't be anymore
Just give to me another chance
Just put me to th test
You'll find th black sheep loves his Dad
Far better than th rest

Years by years went swiftly by
Th Father now h'd grown old
He called both, Jack an' Tom t' him
An' gave to them his gold
I only want this little plot
A place by your fireside
One night on Jack's returning home
He brought with him a bride
Th bride begin to hate th Father
More an' more each day
One night he heard th three declare
The old fool's in th way
He heard them plan to send him to
Th poor house, that was near
Then like a flash th black sheep's words
Came ringing in his ear

A wagon drove up to th door
Was th poor house van
Th boys both pointed, to their Dad
An' says, there is your man
Just then a manly form appeared
Came rushing thru th crowd
Stop, you brutes, th stranger said
This will not be allowed
You've taken this ole man's property
An' all that he could save
You've even sold th little spot
Containing his wife's grave
You are his sons, but not my kin
From now till Judgement Day
Th Father grasped th black sheep's hand
Th crowd then heard him say

Different Chorus:
Don't be angry with me Lad
I turned you fom my door
I know that I was foolish
But I won't be anymore
I wish I'd gave to you my gold
You have stood th test
I find th black sheep, loves his Dad
Far better than th rest