Dying Cowgirl

Cat. #1554 (MFH #141) - As sung by Arlin Hughes, Winslow, Arkansas on April 14, 1975

I'll stake my claim out in th west
When I were just a boy
I was out there all alone
No happiness n'er joy
I had to fight th Indians
While o'er th plain they roamed
Ole Paint an' I, we just got by
An' called that plains our home
Olda-lady, olda-lady, olda-lady

I started ruslin' cattle
Just round up th strays
In th saddle all th time
Riding night an' day
I rode out from my camp, one night
Th storm was breezing high
Sound of horses caught my ear
I heard a human cry
I raised up in my saddle
An' turned ole Paint around
I saw a dying cowgirl there
Lying on th ground
Olda-lady, olda-lady, olda-lady

I knelt beside that dying girl
An' tried to say a prayer
I hope that God, with all his love
Will hear me pleading there
I saw 'er blue eyes open
She smiled at me, so sweet
She said, that she would wait for me
Up there where cowhands meet
Yoda-lady, olda-lady, olda-lady