Poor Papa

Cat. #1561 (MFH #1028) - As sung by Everett Griggs, Clinton, Arkansas on June 17, 1975

Don't get married, don't get married
Said, my friend McBride
If you take a wife
Your out of luck for life
He had all his little sons an' daughters by his side
Like, Happy Hooligan, sixteen kids
They all marched up an' cried
Momma's got shoes, Momma's got clothes
Momma's got these an' Momma's those
But poor Papa, poor Papa
He's got nothing at all
Momma goes here an' Momma goes there
Momma goes out to every affair
But poor Papa, poor Papa
He runs out'a th hall
Christmas comes an' Mamma gets
Th most expensive fox
Papa gets a necktie an'
A pair of ten cent socks
When Momma appeared
She was all cheers
She got a diamond stuck in her ears
But poor Papa, poor Papa
He's got nothing at all

Then McBride, O what a life
I have no chance at all
Once a girl gets you
You'll look like I do, too
Then he lines his children up
Th short one an' th tall
An' as they marched down the avenue
You should have heard them bawl
Momma eats ham, Momma eats lamb
Momma eats bread an' strawberry jam
But poor Papa, poor Papa
He says nothing at all
Papa bought a limosine
Th most expensive kind
Now he wears th chauffers suit
An' Momma rides behind
Momma's got silk, an' satin beneath
She's got gold in all of her teeth
But poor Papa, poor Papa
He ain't got no teeth at all