The Queer Woman

Cat. #1564 (MFH #534) - As sung by Everett Griggs, Clinton, Arkansas on June 17, 1975

When but a boy, at evenin' tide
I always listened in
When Miss Miranda called th cows
My fun would then begin
She knew each cow, by her own name
An' called them loud an' shrill
Until she heard the old cow bawl
As they came up th hill

With a vent whe called th cows
Suk white face, suk white face
I can almost hear her now
Suk white face, suk white face
She kept calling, calling come
Till th cows were all at home
Suk white face, suk white face
Suk, suk, suk, suk

O, Miss Miranda was a mud
Who --- th cows away
She had a mighty screechy voice
An' used it every day
When 'er she wished th cows to come
She winked that ole glass eye
An' then she took a dip of snuff
An' raised her baby cry

Her front teeth finally all came out
An' then she lost her voice
She could not even call th calfs
Th neighbors all rejoiced
But when my Dad discovered that,
She could not call th cows
He made a set of wooden teeth
An' put them in her mouth

(Everett said, he thought the title ws also known as: Calling The Cows.)