Go Home and Pray

Cat. #1572 (MFH #1035) - As sung by Burl Harvey, Fayetteville, Arkansas on August 18, 1975

While drinking alone in a tavern one day
So drunk, that I hardly could see
I heard a voice calling me, so loud and clear
Here's what this voice said to me

Go home, go home
Kneel down by your bedside an' pray
Go home, go home
God'll answer your prayers today

Well, I staggered across th room to th door
I almost fell on th floor
I know there was laughter but I did not care
For th same word still rang in my ears

Now, I sobered my mind an' He saved my soul
He erased my thoughts from all fears
An' back to th tavern I preached on each word
Th same words that rang in my ears