Christine Leroy

Cat. #1576 (MFH #98) - As sung by Mildred Ivie, Goodman, Missouri on September 27, 1976

No brother, I'll never be better
It is useless to tell me so now
This broken heart only is waiting
For a resting place under th sun
I am dreaming today of a bridal
One year ago only tonight
When she stood 'neath th gaslights above her
In her jewels an' garments, so white

Jewels shone bright on her tresses
Look back from fair --- brow
An' glistened like tins in th gaslight
On fringes that's whitier than snow
When she laid her soft hand on my husband
I knew that he thought me a toy
By th side of th raidant glory
Was th beautiful Christine Leroy

Time passed away an' my husband
Grew thoughtless an' careword each day
An' I knew that th wiles of a Demon
Had so artfully lured him away
Till at last, one bright evening I found them
My hopes an' my life were destroyed
Hand in hand with her head on his shoulder
Set my husband and Christine Leroy

So, brother be kind to your sister
For thiw poor heart is sadden an' faint
At th thought of th wiles of a Demon
In th beautiful form of a saint
When I lie 'neath th snow drifts of winter
Where no sorrow nor thing can destroy
Will you tell them they murdered me, Brother
God, forgive him an' Christine Leroy