My Ozark Mountain Home

Cat. #1589 (MFH #1042) - As sung by Swing and Turn Jubilee, Springfield, Missouri on November 6, 1976

There's a place that's far away
And a little mound of clay
That recalls to me th days of long ago
When I set on Mother's knee
An' she talked to me -- -- -- --
How I loved that voice that echoed sweet an' low
Her looks were always
An' she -- -- -- day by day
As she sat there in that little cabin home
Tho' th house is gone away
--- --- --- --- -- --- an' gray
I can n'er forget my Ozark mountain home

I will bow my head in sorrow
For I know we'll meet tomorrow
-- -- that little mound of clay, there in th hills
I'm going back, an' build a shack
By that little mound of clay
I'm going back, an' build a shack
In those Ozark hills far away

Her life was sweet to me
She was sweet as she could be
In her aching arms --- --- ----
With her little mound of clay
She will guide me day by day
--- --- ---- ---- --- forever
She will guide me on forever
---- ---- ------- ---
-- ---- ----- -- -- ---
--- ---- ---- ---- -----
Till we meet there in th shawdow of th clay