Cat. #0017 (MFH #410) - As sung by Mr. Frank Pool, Fayetteville, Arkansas on January 6, 1958

Myself, I dressed all in my best
An' with some surplus cash
I started for th matinee
And thought I'd cut a dash
The house were filled with belle's and beau's
As happy as could be
And to my woe, my heart I lost
While at th matinee
My love had curls and teeth like pearls
She wore a saucy hat
And when she peeped from under it
My heart went pitty-pat
Of all th beauties gathered there
No other could I see
That I could compare, with her I met
While at th matinee

Along with other pretty boys
Just as the play as o'er
I took a good posit' to stand
Close by the except door
And as my charmer came along
I made so bold and free
As to offer her my company
Home from th matinee
She took my arm and with a smile
Bright as th morning dew
Says she, my name is Angiline,
And I pray sir, who are you ?
I told her that, I was Clarence Charles
And that she was to me
By far th sweetest girl I'd met
While at th matinee

We strolled about an hour or more
As happy as two birds
I telling her th present love
It was no lack of words
I asked her if she were free to end
And if she would be mine
She answered with a cunning smile,
I'll tell some other time
Of course, we had to have ice cream
Fruit cakes and lemonade
Five dollars I was minus
By th time my bill was paid
And then I saw her safely home
And she did promise me
That without fail, th next Wednesday night
She would be at th matinee

We kept up our flirtation
Of meeting after that
Until one night I saw her home
O, did'nt I feel flat
And at th door a man we met
M husband dear, says she
This is that nice young man I met
While at th matinee,
My heart felt like a piece of lead
I felt that I would jolt
The husband says, my darling wife
So like a little joke,
Of course, I tried to laugh, although
The joke I could not see
An' now I shun th girls I meet
While at th matinee

It's come all young men of good advice
Pray hear a word or two
Informing your acqaintances
Be careful what you do
Don't let a charmer steal your heart
Until you plainly see
That she's not like th girl I met
While at th matinee

Mr. Frank Pool says, this is the longet song ever written.