Little Willie

Cat. #0188 (MFH #359) - As sung by Mrs. Allie Long Parker, Eureka Springs, Arkansas on July 10, 1958

Little Willie, went to heaven
On a bright and starry night
In his Papas arms, he rested
When th spirit took its flight
While the angels were descending
To convey his spirit home
Little Willie, pointed upward
And we thought we heard them come

Then, they laid him in his coffin
In his little Sunday suit
In his cold and icy fingers
Placed his little pony whip
In th drawer, his little pen knife
On th shelf, his little hat
In th yard, his little pony
There's th chair in which he set

Two hundred feet above th river
Little Willie, sleeps alone
His little sister, just above him
Plants a flower on his tomb
Judy loves her angel brother
An' she hopes to see him soon
Little children all remember
Jesus loves and bids you come