It's Old Missouri

Cat. #0019 (MFH #286) - As sung by Mr. Frank Pool, Fayetteville, Arkansas on January 6, 1958

It's old Missouri, old Missouri
In th state where I was born
In th country of London
Near th Paris downfall
It was on some distant island
Bound down like a slave
It was in my own country
Where I did misbehave

My parents, they taught me
When I were young
To leave off whiskey drinking
Bad company shun
Saying, son you are young
And it will lead you astray
Those words you will remember
When I'm laid in my grave

I oft times have wondered,
How women love men ?
More than times I wondered,
How men could love them
It will cause you some trouble
By certain downfall
It will cause you to labor
Behind a stone wall

If my Maggi, was on ship-board
Along by th side of me
Those iron hobbles off
I would think myself free
But, there's my Father an' Mother
They have shed many a tear
But now comes awful hardships
to part from my dear

I think the first verse of this song is very interesting.