Pretty Spot in Ireland

Cat. #0193 (MFH #502) - As sung by Mrs. Goldie Schott, Mondell, Arkansas on July 16, 1958

There's a pretty spot in Ireland
Where little cottage stands
Dearest he who I cherished, with a pride
T'is old fashioned rough and dingy
But was built by honest hands
But what are precious jewels shines inside

It was not a costly jewel
That th wealth of gold can buy
But a warm hearted lass with a love light in her eye
Tho', my heart it grows impatient
For I have no peace of mind
For I long to see th girl I left behind

A little brown spot in th shady green valley
No happy'er home do I find
For my hearts fairly gone
For I love only one
She's the girl that I left behind