A Token

Cat. #0020 (MFH #1) - As sung by Mr. Frank Pool, Fayetteville, Arkansas on January 6, 1958

Well, it's raise th window, Mother darling
For no air can harm me now
It's let th breeze that blow in on me
For to cool my fevered brow
Death will soon relieve my sorrow
Soon will cease this aching heart
But I have a dying messsage
We must meet before we part

There is one, you know him Mother,
Tho' I need not speak his name
You'll remember how he saught me
And with loving words he came
You remember how I trusted
And my thoughts were all on him
It's close th window, Mother darling
For my eyes are going dim

It's take this ring from off my finger
Where he placed it long ago
Give it to him with a blessing
Which in dying I be-stow
Tell him, it is a token, Mother
Of forgiveness and of peace
Tell him, hush his voice I hear it
Will it's watching never cease

It's led, I'll obey the summons
To a fair and better land
Where the hearts of none is broken
But will join a holy band
When my troubles all are over
And you see me breathe, no more
It's do not weep, but think me waiting
for you on the other shore

Mr. Frank Pool says, he thinks there is a lot of truth in this nice little song.