Don't Sell the Old Homestead

Cat. #0201 (MFH #137) - As sung by Lucy "Pat" Pricket, Eureka Springs, Arkansas on September 2, 1958

You seldom would find a more happier lot
Than our little family who dwelt in this cot
There was Father an' Mother, brother, sister and I
Till misfortune came o'er us an' Father did die
Then brother left home, to find something to do
And where he had gone there were none of us knew
I toiled early an' late to keep down th debts
And oft' times I hear myself, pleading them yet

Please spare the ole home, don't sell it I pray
Don't turn out my Mother, so feeble an' gray
And my dear loving sister so sickly and pale
Auctioneer, auctioneer, please stop th sale

I pleaded in vain, poor Mother did moan
We begged them in vain, to please spare the old home
Then a boy stepped up saying, your sorrow is done
I'll return you your home and your long lost son
There was love an' rejoicing, here on that day
William braced his ole Mother, so feeble and gray
An our dear loving sister, so sickly and pale
And that put an end, to that dread sheriffs sale