Pretty Boy Floyd

Cat. #0214 (MFH #504) - As sung by Reba Glaze, Springdale, Arkansas on July 23, 1958

Pretty Boy, was born in the Oklahoma hills
Where th beautiful flowers grew wild
He was christened, Charles Arthur, by parents so proud
Who thanked God for their beautiful child
By th side of his cradle, his Mother would sing
Never dreaming th sorrow he'd bring
But, Mothers hearts are broken
When th boys rose to man
It's been ever true since time first begin

Pretty Boy, was twenty when he married his young wife
She was only sixteen summers old
And he went to work, in a bakery shop, out there
But he drifted away from th fold
Left his young wife in Vicksburg, nineteen twenty-four
Went to Kansas, to try to earn more
Then he went to Saint Louis
Got in bad company
And wound up in th penitentary

Well, he served his time, in Ohio
Killed a man and was sentenced again
But he did'nt serve th time, th jury gave to him
For he jumped from a fast speeding train
Kansas City was th next, he took it on th run
Killed a sheriff, with his careless gun
He killed Mr. Booken
And a man named, Wilson
Then he left Kansas City on th run

Ohio again, he killed Mr. Kessler
Spreading fear across his crooked path
Then, he went back home, got in another rowe
Killed a sheriff who stirred up his rowe
Was th last trip to Ohio, for this wicked fool
He was shot dead, eight miles from Liverpool
Pretty Boy, will learn
On that last great judgement day
That a life filled with crime, does'nt pay

Pretty Boy, would'nt listen to his Mothers advice
On a cold slab, he now pays th price