Darlin' Little Joe

Cat. #0225 (MFH #132) - As sung by Mrs. Rubibow, Seligman, Missouri on September 11, 1958

What will th birds do, Mother in th spring
When the little brown birds come to my door
They'll hop on th window, they'll hop on the step
Asking, why little Joe roams no more
Mother, love Tiger, love Tiger for me
For you know he will mourn for me true
Show him my coat so he will not forget
For then his master will be dead
Speak to him often and gently of Joe
And pat 'im on his black shaggy head

What will ole Thomas, th gardener say
When you ask him for flowers for me
He'll give you th roses he tended so long
Th first fairest flowers on th tree
What will th kitten do, Mother all alone
Will she in her frolic, run and play
Or lie on th rug by th side of my bed
As she did when I once went away
Poor Uncle Ben, in a far away camp
Will be sad o'er th letters that you write
He'll say, Mother dear, little Joe's gone to rest
Marching nearer and nearer th line
And you, Mother dear, will miss me for awhile
But up in heaven, no larger will I grow
And many kind angels will know when you ask
At th gate for your own little Joe