Saint Louis Cyclone

Cat. #0230 (MFH #580) - As sung by Mr. T. R. Hammond, Osceola, Missouri on September 17, 1958

In th city of Saint Louis
On one busy afternoon
Just before th evening shades begin to fall
All th streets was lined with people
Going to and from their toil
And no danger seemed to threaten them at all
Every heart was light and gay
As they strolled along their way
And to them all nature never seemed more bright
Till th cyclone with a roar
Came a rushing by th door
Leaving sorrow and destruction there that night
Hearts are aching, souls are sleeping
Many loved ones have gone on forever more
Wives and Mothers, weeping over deaths rejarvious grieving
As they traveled on their way from door to door

In a cherished little cottage
In the outskirts of th town
There, an old gray headed Mother waits alone
She had, had her supper ready
And was waiting for her son
For she thought that he would soon becoming home
As th hours glided by
And at last he never came
There, she kept her lonely watch till morning light
O, she'll n'er see him again
For her boy she watched, in vain
Just like other Mothers, on that fatal night

O, th wire reflected th tidings
Of that cities awful flight
Every honest heart was withered, with surprise
O, we'll all join in like brothers
And we'll let Saint Louis know
We will lend a helping hand from sea to sea
O, we'll help with all our might
For to make her burdens light
She'll find out that we'll be with her to the end
When her trials all are o'er
And she's on her feet, once more
She'll find out that old Chicago was her friend

Mr. Hammond said, this happened in June 1896.