Little Yellow Gal

Cat. #0232 (MFH #362) - As sung by Mr. Arlie Lynch, Rogers, Arkansas on August 13, 1958

There's a little log cabin, way down in Tennessee
Where th morning glories twine around th door
There's a little yella gal, she's awaiting there for me
She's been my lady friend a year or more
When we were ninapickes, very long ago
We used to play together on the sand
Every Sunday evening as th sun was setting low
I'd tell her as I held her little hand

Honey, you more than one
Be cast and be guiezed upon
Give me your little brown hand
We'll live on pork and kisses
If you will be my misses
Honey, does you love your man

She's, th prettiest little darkie that I ever run across't
I dream most about 'er every night
She's th color of a saddle on a sorrell race horse
Could'nt love 'er any more if she was white
I'm saving up my money for to marry her
An' I'll quit fooling with th dice
Ever penny that I get, I take and give to her
And then I have to tell her once or twice