Old Armchair

Cat. #0233 (MFH #468) - As sung by Mr. Arlie Lynch, Rogers, Arkansas on August 13, 1958

O, my Grandmother she, at the age of eighty-three
One day, in May, was taken ill and died
And after she was dead, th will of course was read
By a lawyer, as we all stood by his side

To my brother, it was found, she had left a hundred pound
The same unto my sister, I declare
But, when it came to me, th lawyer said, I see
She has left to you her old armchair

O, I thought it hardly fair, still I said, I did'nt care
And in th evening took th chair away
My neighbors at me chaffed, my brother at me laughed
And said, it will be useful John, some day

When you settle down in life, take some girl to be your wife
You will find it very handy, I declare
On a cool 'n frosty night, when th fire is burning bright
To be seated in your old armchair

What my brother said was true, for in a year or two
Strange to say, I settled down in married life
I first a girl did court and then th ring I bought
Took her to church and then she was my wife

O, th dear ole girl and me, was as happy as could be
When evening work was over, I declare
I n'er abroad would roam, but each night stayed at home
And be seated in my old armchair

One night th chair fell down, when I picked it up I found
Th seat had fellen out upon th floor
And there to my surprise, I saw before my eyes
A lot of notes, ten thousand pounds or more

When my brother heard of this, poor fella, I confess
Almost went mad with rage and tore his hair
I only laughed at him and kindly whispered, Jim
Don't you wish you had the old armchair