Utah Carl

Cat. #0238 (MFH #664) - As sung by Arlie Lynch, Rogers, Arkansas on August 13, 1958

My friend, you've asked a question
That makes me sad and still
And why my brow is darkened
Like clouds upon a hill
Reign in your pony closer
And I'll tell you of a tale
Of Utah Carl, my pardner
And his last ride on th trail

We was rounding up, one morning
And our work was almost done
To th right th cattle started
With a maddened ferreous run
Th bosses little daughter
Who was holding, on that side
Rode in to turn th cattle
And there's where Utah died

N'eath th saddle on th pony
That th bosses daughter rode
Utah that very morning
Had placed a blanket roll
That th saddle might ride more easy
For Lenor, his little friend
And it was that very blanket
That brought him to an end

Fragment sang by Arlie Lynch.