There's a Rift in the Cloud

Cat. #0239 (MFH #633) - As sung by Arlie Lynch, Rogers, Arkansas on August 13, 1958

There's a rift in th cloud
There's a light breaking thru
Catch a glimpse, weary one
Of th fair peacefull blue
Tho' th rain drops may fall
There is sunshine above
As imortal and sure
As Gods infanted love

Brother, look, look above
See th sunlight of love
Thru th rift in th clouds
To th fair peacefull blue
Since our God is th light
He will scatter th night
And he'll bring, yes he'll bring
A sweet morning to you

There's a rift in th cloud
There's a heaven beyond
And th songs of th bless'd
To our longing respond
There are partings, on earth
But, reunions up there
And th glory and joy
Trusting soul you shall share

Ther's a rift in th clouds
For th Saviour, on high
And th faith bent toward us
From th throne in the sky
We can leave every care
To the hands that have bled
And some day, for his own
He will come, as he said