I Once Had a Sweetheart

Cat. #0249 (MFH #472) - As sung by Mrs. Gladys McChristain, Huntsville, Arkansas on October 1, 1958

I once had a sweetheart but now I have none
Since he's gone and left me, I care not for none
Since he's gone and left me, no tongue can tell
But he is my sweetheart an' I love him well

Green grow th lilacs all sparkling with dew
I am so lonely since parting with you
But I hope our next meeting your love will prove true
An' change th pretty lilacs for th red, white and blue

I wrote him a letter with roses entwined
He wrote me an answer all bound up in twine
Saying, keep your love letters and I will keep mine
You write to your sweetheart an' I'll write to mine

I often have wondered why women like men
And I often have wondered why men like them
For by my own experiunce I very well know
That men are deceitful wherever they go