My Terrible Pain

Cat. #0258 (MFH #426) - As sung by Mrs. Olive Coberly, Weaubleau, Missouri on October 7, 1958

I am an old man both ragged and lame
From Hamilton County, Missouri I came
I married a maid just forty and one
The very next day, my troubles begun

O, what shall I do to be rid of my pain
I wish in my heart, I was single again
I rather I would in my coffin been laid
Before I had married that silly old maid

At breakfast, when we set down to dine
It's me with cold water an' her with her wine
Wash up th dishes and brush up th room
Or I'll get my head beat mighty good with th broom

At supper when we set down to tea
Cold water is always given to me
If I speak a word out of my place
Whack, goes a knife 'er a fork at my face

She goes to meetin's, to parties an' balls
It's her in her silk an' satins, so tall
Me in my rags an' her in her lace
Some other young fellow to walk in my place