Shoot the Cat

Cat. #0027 (MFH #563) - As sung by Fred High, High, Arkansas on February 12, 1958

Nellie was a milk maid
So fair and so gay
Had a mind for to choose
And a mind for to take
So, she questioned Mr. Rogers
For to take her to th wake

Go to th wake, Mr. Rogers
He'll be there
An' he'll roll you in his arms
An' he'll keep you from the storms
And you'll be late
Gettin' home in th morn

Th wake be'in over
And Nell a be'in scorned
Mr. Rogers and Miss Nellie
Went thru a field of corn
Mr. Rogers says, Miss Nellie
Let's set down and take a chat
An' I'll show you th game
That they call shoot th cat

They set down
As I do suppose
Mr. Rogers begin
To pull up Nellie's clothes
Miss Nellie says, Mr. Rogers
What you goin' do to that?
Nothing, Miss Nellie
But I'm goin' to shoot your cat

Six months all over
All over an' gone
Her apron wouldn't tie
An' her corset wouldn't lap
And she laid it to th game
That they call
Shoot th cat

Nine months all over
All over an' gone
Miss Nellie become th mother
Of a darlin' little son
She says, Mr. Rogers
You can call it that for your sake
But I'll call it shoot th cat
Goin' home from th wake