Lady Margret

Cat. #0281 (MFH #364) - As sung by Mrs. Pearl Brewer, Pocahontas, Arkansas on November 12, 1958

Lady Margret was standing in her high parlor door
Combing back her yellow hair
And none did she see but Sweet William and his bride
Who were going to th Roman Fair
Lady Margret threw down her polished comb
Dashed back her yellow hair
Lady Margret lie her poor self down
Never any more for t' rise

Sweet William arose, quite early in the morning
When most other men were in bed
Sweet William said, that his troubled in his head
From th dream he had dreamed, last night

He said, he dreamed that he saw Lady Margret
Standing at his bed feet
Saying, how do you like your fine feather bed
Or, how do you like your sheet
Or, how do you like your own dear girl
Who lies in your arms asleep

Very well, do I like my fine feather bed
And better do I like my sheet
Tho' th best of all is my own dear girl
Who lies in my arms asleep

Sweet William ask leaves of his own dear girl
Lady Margret that he might go and see
He rode and he rode, till he came to th gate
He tingled on th ring
An' none so ready but her seven, seven brothers
For arise and let him in

Where is Lady Margret, in her dining room
Or is she in her hall
Or is she in her high parlor door
Talking to th jolly girls all

Lady Margret's neither in her dining room
Nor she's neither in her hall
Lady Margrets lying in her long coffin
That sets against yanders wall
Go pull back that snow white sheet
Dash back that yellow hair
An' let me kiss those cold pale lips
Who ever oft' times kissed me

Th first he kissed was her rosy red cheeks
And th next was her dimpled chin
The last of all was her cold pale lips
Who had oft' times kissed him