Caroline of Edingboro Town

Cat. #0300 (MFH #94) - As sung by Mr. C. W. Ingenthron, Walnut Shade, Missouri on November 19, 1958

Come, all young men and maidens
Come, list unto my rhyme
T'is of a fair young damsel
Who's scarcely in her prime
She beat th blushing roses
Admired by all around
Was comaly young Caroline
Of Eddonboro town

Young Henry, being a highland lad
A courting to her came
And when her parents came to know
They did not like th same
Young Henry, being affended
He unto her did say,
Come rise you up, my dearest Caroline
An' with me run away

We'll go up to London, love
An' there we'll wed with speed
And then my dearest Caroline
Shall have happy-ness, indeed
Being enticed, by young Henry
She put on her other gown
An' away went young Caroline
Of Eddonboro town

Over hills and lofty mountains
Together they did go
Till th time they arrived in London
For from her happy home
They had not been in London
Not more than a half-a-year
Till hard hearted Henry
He proved to her severe

Says Henry, I'll go to sea
Your friends did on me frown
So beat your way, without delay
To Eddonboro town
A pressed with grief, without relief
This maiden, she did go
Unto th woods to eat such fruit
As on th bushes grow

Beneath a lofty spreading oak
This maiden set down to cry
A watching off that gallant fleet
As it went passing by
She gave three shrieks, for Henry
And plunged her bidy down
An' away floated Caroline
Of Eddonboro town

A note like lies her bonnett
She left upon the shore
And in th note a lock of hair
With th words, I am no more
It's fast asleep, I'm in th deep
Th fishes watching 'round
T'is comaly young Caroline
Of Eddonboro town

Come, all ye tender parents
N'er try to part true love
For your sure to see in some degree
Th ruin it will prove
Likewise, young men and maiden
N'er on your true love frown
Think of th fate of Caroline
Of Eddonboro town