The Slaves Song

Cat. #0308 (MFH #582) - As sung by Mrs. Lola Stanley, Fayetteville, Arkansas on December 30, 1958

I'm as free as th waters that rose at my feet
Or th sickle that glides swiftly by
No master do I fear or dread th auctioneer
Th driver, th lash, I defy

O, master, I pray thee
Don't come after me
For I can never be your slave any more
I am free from toil and law
Free beneath th lions claw
And he growls if you come near th shore

And don't you remember th promise that you made
To my Mother, who's long gone to rest
That I should not be sold, for silver nor for gold
As th sun rose from th east to th west

And don't you remember as soon as she was dead
And th grass had not grown o'er her grave
I was advertised for sale and I might've been in jail
Had I not crossed th bold dashing waves

And don't you remember th ole towering oak
Where you paid me my last forty-four
How you bowed your haughty head o'er th blood that I shed
But remember, I'll bleed there no more