Brave Ole Shanty Boys

Cat. #0310 (MFH #314) - As sung by Mrs. Lola Stanley, Fayetteville, Arkansas on December 30, 1958

Come, all you brave ole shanty boys
And listen while I relate
It was last Sundays morning
As you will presently hear
Th logs were piled up mountains high
We could not keep them clear

Th boss said, turn out brave boys
Without of all your fear
We'll break th jam at Jerrys Rock
To Stigman Stand, we'll steer
While parties, they were willing
While others, they were not
To break th jam on Sunday
They did'nt think they ought

But six of these brave bold Canadain boys
They volunteered to go
And break th jam on Jerrys Rock
With th foreman, young Monroe
When they scarce had rolled a log or two
When they heerd his clear voice say,
Be out upon your guard, my boys
Th mass, they may give 'way

These words were scarcely spoken
When th mass let go and went
And carried off six of these brave youths
Down to th watery grave
While six of th bleeding bodies
A floating down did go
While crushed and bleeding near th bank
Lay that of, Jack Monroe

They pulled him out from his watery grave
Brushed back his raven hair
When one fair form among them
Who's cries rang in th air
When one fair form among them
A girl from Shagmons Town
Who's mourns and cries, did fill th skies
That her true love had drowned