The Boy and the Rich Lady

Cat. #0032 (MFH #26) - As sung by Fred High, High, Arkansas on February 12, 1958

As th snow was falling
And was fastly falling
Poor boy, strayed up to
Th rich lady's door
And seeing her, in her window so high
It filled his heart with joy
For mercy's sake have pity on me take
I am a southern soldiers little boy

My Mother died whend I was a babe
My Father was killed in th war
Thru many a mile he's carried me
In his knapsack
With the greatest of falcure
He's covered with wounds an' scars
Till a bullet pierced him thru th heart
He fell to rise no more

Then she got down from her window so high
And opened wide her door
Walk in, walk in, this rich lady said,
I'll protect you forever more