Augusts James McCann

Cat. #0327 (MFH #8) - As sung by Mrs. Olive Coberley, Wheatland, Missouri on May 12, 1959

Augustus James McCann
Is a henpecked married man
He's been fighting with his wife
Since their married life begin
One night at halfpast three
While out upon a spree
A motor knocked him down and out
And it nearly broke his knee
The chauffer raised Mac's head
He said, this man is dead
We'll take this man home to his wife
Then Mac rose up and said,
Don't take me home
Please, don't take me home
Tell me what did I do, to you
O-O-O, have a little pity
I'm a poor married man
In search of peace I roam
I'm with you in anything you do
But don't take me home