The Jones Song

Cat. #0328 (MFH #321) - As sung by Mrs. Olive Coberley, Wheatland, Missouri on May 12, 1959

The Jones had been married just a week and seven days
When Jonesy got a phone and this is what he said
He said, gee whiz, a man can't stay at home nights now or days
That man Jones is sick, I must go see him quick
What troubles me is what I should put on
Then wifey said, here's th answer John
Put on your slippers and fill up our pipe
Your not going bye-bye tonight
No earthly use, making that old excuse
Let me tell you kiddo, your married to a widow
Call down to Brownie, I know it's a shame
Tell him that I said, your excuse is to lame
And give my regards to the boys in th game
Your not going bye-bye tonight