The Battleship Maine

Cat. #0033 (MFH #27) - As sung by Fred High, High, Arkansas on February 12, 1958

Onc't I had a sweetheart
Noble, brave and true
Fearless as th sunshine
Gentle as the dew
We had loved and waited
He had named the day
We'd pledged to wed each other
In th month of May
Out on the high seas, he sailed
Faithful to country and home
Faithful to Captain and crew

Anchored at Havany
On th Cube'n shore
Conscious of no danger
Dreaming love dreams o'er
Peacefully, he slumbered
In his hammock bed
Beauty benediction said
Then come a death dealing clash
That wrecked both vessel and twain
Down went my sweetheart to death
Down went th Battleship Maine

Buried in a far off land
In an unknown grave
With bells of liberty soon will ring to soul
Now, rise you country, o rise
Let not this death be in vain
But strike down these cowardly vice
That blew up th Battleship Maine

Mr. High says this ship was sunk in 1898.