Mountain Meadows Massacre

Cat. #0333 (MFH #430) - As sung by Joan O'Bryant, Wichita, Kansas on May 23, 1959

Come, all ya sons of freedom
And to my song give ear
About a bloody massacre
You very soon, shall hear
Across th Zion Mountains
Some twenty wagons came
Surrounded by an angel band
And Utah bears th blame

T'was on th mountain meadows
This wagon train was seen
Surrounded by th wicked band
All on th meadows green
The avenging angels caught them
As they got under way
Th men corraled th wagon train
And fought in blood all day

Then Lee, the angels leader
To them his words did give
If they'd surrender all their guns
He'd surely let them live
Their guns, they gave to angel Lee
T'ward Cedar they did go
They were attacked in Injun style
And gentile blood did flow

They melted down with one accord
Like wax before a flame
Men and women, young and old
And Utah bears th blame
At th order of old Brigham Young
This deed was done, you see
And th leader of that wicked band
Was, Captain John D. Lee