The Unfortunate Man

Cat. #0356 (MFH #666) - As sung by Mrs. Lizzie Maguire, Fayetteville, Arkansas on June 23, 1959

Indeed, I'm a very unfortunate man
I try to live happy but nowhere I can
At home or a broad wherever I will
My unlucky lot is prevailing me still
And I'm a very un-fortun-ate man
Very un-fort-unate
Really a very unfortunate man

I once got tired of a bachelors life
I thought I'd run away with another mans wife
To a farm in th west, I'd thought I'd retire
Th news got ahead on th telegraph wire
(Repeat the last three lines as in the first verse)

I once had a sweetheart, she said, she'd be mine
Of course, I thought 'er almost a vine
One day another young fella returned
She made up her mind to hide me in th churn
(Repeat as above)

The ole woman coming into th room
Said, she had so much cream she must churn it up soon
So, pouring milk over me out'a th pan
Which left me indeed, an unfortunate me
(Repeat as above)

If some poor damsel will pity my case
Think more of my heart than she does of my face
I'll try t' montain 'er th best that I can
If she could only love and unfortunate man
(Repeat as above)