Little Black Mustache

Cat. #0358 (MFH #371) - As sung by Mrs. Lizzie Maguire, Fayetteville, Arkansas on June 23, 1959

Oh, once I had a charming beau
I loved him dear as life
And once't I thought th time would come
When I would be his wife
His pockets they were filled with gold
You bet he cuts a dash
With his diamind ring and his watch and chain
And his little black mustache

O, th little black mustache
Th darling black mustache
And every time I think of him
My heart beats quick and fast
And you must know, I've got'a beau
That wears a black mustache

He said, we'd live in th grandest style
For he had lots a cash
And then he pressed upon my lips
Th darling black mustache
Then came along a sour ole maid
Just worth her weight, in gold
She had false teeth, she wore false hair
An' was forty-nine years ole

He cool'ly deserted me
For that ole maids cash
And now you know, I've lost a beau
That wears th black mustache