Jack Branger

Cat. #0364 (MFH #324) - As sung by Harrison Burnett, Fayetteville, Arkansas on June 15, 1959

My name it is Jack Branger
You'd better write it down
It's already going
Th fastest man in town
I'm good upon a banjo
I'm better on a drunk
I've been to see th elephant
And overhauled his trunk

I have a fancy buggy
Likewise, a noble horse
His name is Roaring Thunder
His harness fits him neat
You bet he makes th buggy hum
When Jack Branger hits th seat

As I was going up Broadway
I chanced to meet a girl
She was a handsome figure
Her hair inclined to curl
I asked her, if she'd marry
She answered with a frown,
I would not like to marry
Th fastest man in town