Harrison Town

Cat. #0365 (MFH #249) - As sung by Harrison Burnett, Fayetteville, Arkansas on June 15, 1959

Come, all you fella citizens
Wherever you may be
I'll tell you of an accident
That happened unto me
I know I was a careless lad
I know I broke th law
So, I'll step out to hear them shout
For me in Arkansas

As I rode down to Harrison town
A day or so ago
Th crowd that followed after me
I'm sure they had no doubt
But what I'd wail in th Berryville jail
Before th week were out

They arrested me on Kings river
I might have killed th crowd
If it had'nt a been for th shackles and chains
That ring so clear and loud
They read to me th summons
Tole me to hush my jaw
That, I would wail in th Berryville jail
Carroll County, Arkansas

It's now, I lay in th Berryville jail
Lay there for t' weep and wail
No one so near, to care for me
Or take me out on bail
So, I'll stay here till circuit court
Go through a course of law
And then take a ride by th marshalls side
To Little Rock, Arkansas

Now, here's one thing I've now left out
To you I'm going to replace
It is that horse, that noble horse
That horse I rode on th race
Well, I hope he will be well carried for
His bed be made of straw
So, he can live and die with a ripe ole age
In th State of Arkansas

Now, here's 'nother thing that I left out
To you I'm going to tell
It is that girl that pretty little girl
That girl I love so well
If ever I gain my liberty
Have bread and meat to chaw
I'll live at home with the girl I love
In th State of Arkinsas